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Waxing / Sugaring / Eyes & Brows

Want to be hair-free? Would like your lashes to be curled and darkened? This is our grooming & maintenance page where you'll find our Waxing, sugaring, lifting, tinting and lamination services

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We offer both wax or sugar hair removal options. When booking please choose one or the other
Brow Shape  $20
Upper Lip Wax/Sugar  $15
Chin Wax/Sugar  $15
Full Face Wax/Sugar w Neck $42
Full Face Wax/Sugar w/o Neck  $40
Earlocks (sideburns)  $15
Bikini Wax/Sugar  $38
Brazilian Wax/Sugar  $65
Underarm Wax/Sugar $24
Lower Stomach Wax/Sugar  $26
Back Wax/Sugar  $45
Half Back Wax/Sugar $32
Full Leg Wax/Sugar  $70
Lower Leg Wax/Sugar  $42
Full Arm Wax/Sugar $34
Half Arm Wax/Sugar $24


Eye & Brow Packages

All the service combination for lash tints, brow tints, lifts & laminations


Darken your natural lashes with our gentle and safe tint. Available in black and blue-black $26

Artistic Eyes

A beautiful combo that includes and Eye Lash Tint, Brow Shape and Brow Tint. $56

Eye Woke Up Like This

Lash Lift & Lash Tint Combination $85

It's Lash O'Clock

Add a wide-eye look with a lash lift that curls lashes upwards from the lash line. Lasts up to 4 weeks. $68

Eye Contact

The ultimate eye & brow combination including and Eyelash Lift & Tint and a Brow Shape & Tint. $112

Just Brow-zing

Colour your natural brows with our gentle tint. Available in light brown, medium brown and black. Tints can be combine for a customized colour $22

Good Brows Only

A Brow Shaping and Just Browsing Brow Tint Combination $40

Boss Brows

A brow hair texturizing treatment which softens the hair so it can be re-shaped and set. Brows will look thicker (not fuller, add an intense brow service) and smoother $70

All About The Brows

Brow Lamination, Brow Shape & Just Browsing Brow Tint Combination. $98

Intense Brows

A semi-permanent brown tint system that can last up to 5 weeks, is smudge-proof and waterproof. Fills in sparse brows and give the brow a richer brown and contoured appearance. For those who want a darker brow look $50

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