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Sagestone Wellness

Let us introduce you to the wellness side of our spa through different mindful journies. These services can be booked on their own or booked as an add-on to your Spa Day

Detox & Breathe Suite

Book a 30 minute session in our therapy cabin. Breathe the salt air, feel the warmth of the infrared light, smell the scent of the aromatherapy blend and experience chromotherapy. Salt inhalation therapy is said to help absorb irritants and toxins from the respitory system and clean up mucus and reduce inflammation by clearing the airways. The heat from the infrared can soon sore muscles, help with pain relief and relax you. Light therapy or Chromotherapy passes a wide spectrum of light over you to aid with better sleep, improve mood, help with SAD and much more. Wear comfortable clothes. Shoes, cell phone, computers or tablets are not permitted inside the cabin. Salt particles can cause problems with electronics. The cabin can fit two people at one time

Single Session $35

Group of Two $50/2 People

Sip & Flow Workshops

A beautiful treat for you and three friends. Enjoy a 45 minute Hatha Flow Yoga session, a 20 minute Sound Bath finished with a delightful sipping experience of tea or kombucha. By Appointment Only $60/ Person

Private Yoga Class

Add either a Hatha Flow or Restorative Yoga Class to your spa day. Sessions range in price and need to be booked with advance notice. Our room can accommodate up to four people. Booking through Prana Wellness

Forest Bathing

A sensory journey space. This cool misty room filled with the scent of pine and balsam immerses you in nature. Allow yourself to further relax, unwind and let go of life's stressor's COMING SOON

Sound Bathing Meditation

A Sound Bath is a deeply-immersive, full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound waves to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to create harmony and healing for the body and mind. $120 for a two-person semi-private session, $75 for a single private session or $200 for a Group of Four

Reiki Session

A form of energy healing using a technique of healing hands or hands-on therapy. Energy is said to transfer through the palms to encourage emotional or physical healing. Feel relief from stress and promote a sense of peacefulness. $90 / 60 minutes

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