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Spa Packages

Facial Massage

Sagestone Essential

The ultimate spa package with a Tranquility Ritual Body Treatment using soft body brushes and a special blend of essential oils, followed by a Recover Touch Facial to nourish, calm and moisturize. End this package with a luxury Sagestone Spa Pedicure that includes warm paraffin and a neck and scalp massage.

manicure pedicure

Sagestone Tips & Toes

Our Sagestone Spa Pedicure &  Manicure Package that includes both services with traditional nail polish. Upgrade to gel polish (Shellac) for an additional $10. Please select the removal option if you have a soak-able gel polish that needs to be removed. We cannot remove certain gel products applied at some nail salons.

Massage Therapy

Pressure Point Massage

Cupping Therapy

Deep Tissue Therapy style massage with the addition of cupping
60 Minutes $110

Wildflower Medical Aesthetics

Sagestone Dayspa is pleased to announce a partnership with Wildflower Medical Aesthetics to bring cosmetic injectables to our customers. Booking is done independently from the Spa through the link below. Pricing per unit and per syringe is listed below, however we cannot provide detailed area pricing over the phone or by email. Please book with Madison to discuss treatments

Botox/Dysport - $8/Unit

Fillers - 1/2 Syringe $325, Full Syringe $550

Neuromodulator (Botox/Dysport) areas offered:

-       Forehead

-       Glabella (frown lines between eyebrows)

-       Crow’s Feet 

-       Brow Lift 

-       Lip Flip (upper lip) 

-       Gummy Smile 

-       Bunny Lines (nasalis) 

-       Frown Lines/Downturned Mouth (DAO’s)

-       Chin

-       Masseters 

Filler areas offered: 

-       Lips

-       Nasolabial Folds 

-       Cheeks 

-       Marionette Lines

-       Periform Fossa (hollowness beside nose) 

-       Chin

-       Superficial filler techniques offered to provide structure and support to deeper folds/lines

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